July 2016: Hiatus – Or, let me get back to on that….

Just to let you all know that am taking several more weeks off from the main MyMarvelLife posts for several reasons. There will be more, just not yet.


May 2016: Well thank f**k that’s done.

Well as per my previous post: https://marvelmunky76.wordpress.com/2016/04/08/april-2016-or-shouldve-backed-up/ I lost all of my records, notes and several other bits and pieces. It has taken my three weeks and finally I have reconstructed everything that I had lost. It was a long arduous process and I am glad it is over and now I can get back to… Continue reading May 2016: Well thank f**k that’s done.


April 2016 – Or …. “Should’ve backed up”

Well, it's been a while, but have ballsed this up. My list of comics, notes and other paraphenalia has been lost after a problem with a micro SD card. My list of comics, gone and have replaced the main pc at home, so my back up was gone too. This has led to a couple… Continue reading April 2016 – Or …. “Should’ve backed up”